Ascension - the Genesis of Digital Fine Art

$618.88 - $1,631.16
This represents the journey of mankind from his inception to his final voyage back to the Source. In the upper portion of the painting, the light and spirit essence of the universe is shown descending upon our world. On the right side, life evolves and gains consciousness to eventually becomes us. This light dwells within all of us – living in our world through us, in the Eternal Circle of Life. The beautiful female form in the center of the painting symbolizes humanity in the now! The glowing atom in her hand represents the sacred knowledge of the universe. Man now stands in judgment, to see what he will do with it. As we move to the left side of the painting we are shown turning away from the physical world, as we transition into spirit, becoming more transparent as we go, leaving behind our earthly ways of ego, selfishness, and physical desire — ascending towards the Light, perfected greatly by our brief moments on this challenging physical paradise called Earth.
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John Pitre's "Ascension" is the first purely digital masterpiece of fine art in the world. It called the "Genesis Block" of digital fine art. Most simply admire this piece in awe of its powerful depiction of the creation of life. Ironically, this digital masterpiece is the first to be made into a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) for eternal life on the digital blockchain. It represents the journey of humankind from our inception and evolution to our final voyage back to the Source.