Collateral Damage Fine Art Painting Mixed Media

The term “collateral damage” was created by modern politicians to psychologically downplay the horrific mental image that the loss of innocent civilian lives caused by modern warfare burns into our minds. The beautiful warm glow of the setting sun is used to symbolize the end of time for many.  Off in the distance the Industrial War Machine is seen as it all to often rumbles across the earth, in its relentless pursuit of power and selfish gain.  Ignoring love morality and compassion -- as it brutally destroys whatever opposes it’s dark will.In the foreground the beauty of a young child symbolizes the life of humanity itself.  Upon a closer look, what is thought to be a child is nothing more than a mere wooden doll (an object of no real value).  In its hand is a replica of our earth, symbolizing the reality that man now has the fate of all humanity in his grasp. During World War II the civilian casualty rate was 50%.  In more recent wars it is now 90% due to the perfection of the weapon systems and their indiscriminate use.  These casualties are called Collateral Damage.
Due to COVID, fulfillment and shipping may be delayed 14-17 business days. All artwork is hand signed by Pitre in gold. Custom sizing and canvases available for all art. Limited Editions are numbered; call for reserved sequence #'s.
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