Dawn of Enlightenment Fine Art Painting Oil on Canvas

As man evolved, teachers among them appeared, telling of a supreme entity that was the spirit and essence of heaven, and earth, and they call this God. These holy messengers also told of this beings desire for all men to live in brotherhood and spiritual and ethical harmony. Many believed them, and felt compelled to pay homage to this God. In his honor they created temples, adorned them with art and graven images, and worshiped him in these places. In time, the grandness of the temples and the ritual of the ceremonies muffled the sound of the original message, but if one listens closely, the beauty of this message can still be heard - treat thy neighbor as thyself and do unto others as you would have them do unto you - and you will find great reward for the goodness of your works.
Due to COVID, fulfillment and shipping may be delayed 14-17 business days. All artwork is hand signed by Pitre in gold. Custom sizing and canvases available for all art. Limited Editions are numbered; call for reserved sequence #'s.
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