Explorers Fine Art Painting Oil on Canvas

When Pitre lived in a beautiful town nestled in a high Rocky Mountain valley, he occasionally donned mountaineering skis and ventured as far as he dared into the nearly inaccessible interior to magical and alien places. One late evening on one of his ventures, the setting sun cast a rich warm glow onto the blue-green frozen landscape, creating an intense contrast of colors and an incredible display of crystalline light. Awestruck by the beauty of this place, Pitre imagined and created Explorers. The painting represents the adventurous spirit of man throughout the ages in his quest to explore the unknown, and his willingness to expose himself to harsh and sometimes dangerous environments, in search of adventure, profit and enlightenment.
Due to COVID, fulfillment and shipping may be delayed 14-17 business days. All artwork is hand signed by Pitre in gold. Custom sizing and canvases available for all art. Limited Editions are numbered; call for reserved sequence #'s.
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