Passion Fine Art Painting Oil on Canvas

Passion thrusts us to our highest possible emotional state, and then slowly fades, as a rainbow does from its peak moment of glory.  In most things so very intense, the memory always lingers, and we long to feel it once more. Like many great adventures, to feel deep passion can put you at risk.  For whenever we soar to great heights, we become vulnerable, and with ecstasy there is always the potential for disappointment.As with anything free and expressive, this emotion will often disturb those who are not experiencing it, and arouse their instincts to criticize and suppress, as represented by the monk like figures foolishly dissembling a great structure from the bottom. 
Due to COVID, fulfillment and shipping may be delayed 14-17 business days. All artwork is hand signed by Pitre in gold. Custom sizing and canvases available for all art. Limited Editions are numbered; call for reserved sequence #'s.
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