"After the Storm" galleon ship is a work of fine art by John Pitre. It depicts a galleon ship leaving safe harbor. As onlookers wave goodbye, the galleon sails into the unknown. Strong emotions of courage, duty and sacrifice surface in both the onlookers, and the crew. In conclusion, risk is inherent to all oceanic voyages. Mariners of this galleon ship accept that risk and overcome their fears. Painted as an oil on canvas in 1995, "After the Storm" galleon ship is offered framed and ready to hang. Formats include high definition (HD) metal and museum quality canvas.

John Pitre is one of two Masters of Fine Art in the world. He is credited as the original pioneer of digital fine art. His fully digital masterpiece titled "Ascension" remains one of his most popular and desired works. Born in 1942, Pitre was educated in the fine arts at the prestigious Art Students League in New York City. He evolved to become a Master of Fantasy and Surrealism. Pitre has influenced the art world for over forty (40) years. He carries the distinction of one of the most widely published artists in modern history. 

As a storyteller, Pitre uses his artistic talent to comment on the most profound questions concerning humanity. He creates a reflection of our times within the world we live. He creates imaginary worlds completely from his mind. Pitre uses visionary expression as a vehicle for powerful social commentary. 

A modern day DaVinci, Pitre holds numerous patents to his name. He is a pioneer in many fields, one of which ocean exploration. He explored the depths of the oceans with diving gear he designed, engineered and built. Unofficially, he is the pioneer of rebreather SCUBA systems long before commercial dive equipment was available.

Pitre's work is transcendental in nature. Many who marvel at his artwork derive their own profound, private meaning. Those who describe Pitre's works convey moments of epiphany and inspiration. Sparked by the etherial mind and soul of this Master of Fine Art, his artwork remains timeless.


After the Storm - John Pitre Fine Art
After the Storm - John Pitre Fine Art
After the Storm - John Pitre Fine Art
After the Storm - John Pitre Fine Art
After the Storm - John Pitre Fine Art
After the Storm - John Pitre Fine Art
After the Storm - John Pitre Fine Art
After the Storm - John Pitre Fine Art
After the Storm - John Pitre Fine Art

After the Storm

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John Pitre artwork purchased framed ships ready to hang as seen in the images above. 

Professionally framing your artwork is highly recommended. This "turn-key" solution will ensure your purchase is properly mounted, secured and framed with premium materials and craftsmanship, exceeding Fine Art industry standards.

Framing affordably enhances and upgrades your investment for years to come: 

1. Provides protection to the artwork's edges and surfaces.

2. Creates a pleasing border surrounding the art to help maintain central visual focus. 

3. Expands wall and environment display options. 

Regardless of background color or environment (home, office, work, etc.), our frame choices augment the artwork's ability to present well while enhancing and captivating the viewing experience. 

Pitre's hand-selected frames are unique to each to each of his paintings, drawings or works of digital fine art. Pitre's 50+ years of experience in the Arts ensures each frame compliments the artwork for optimal presentation & preservation. It is no secret that the artwork you choose to purchase, moves you on a deep, philosophical and emotional level. We understand this more than others working passionately to ensure your Pitre Fine Art experience and final product is nothing but spectacular.

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