Dream of Flight - John Pitre Fine Art
Dream of Flight - John Pitre Fine Art
Dream of Flight - John Pitre Fine Art
Dream of Flight - John Pitre Fine Art
Dream of Flight - John Pitre Fine Art

Dream of Flight

This surreal illusion depicts man's fascination with flight and exploration throughout history, and his endless creativity for crafting vehicles to accomplish his dreams.
Only brave souls capable of tremendous effort – willing to put themselves at risk can venture where no man has gone before – sometimes they appear foolish and ridiculous in their efforts if they succeed they are then viewed as magnificent, and will have enjoyed the reward of a very special experience beyond the grasp of those not willing to try. On the ground the skeptics who declared the effort ridiculous and the risk to great, declaring that it couldn't be done – gaze upward at those who were willing to try and now soar high overhead.

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John Pitre artwork purchased framed ships ready to hang as seen in the images above. 

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